About us

Who we are:

Botbi is one of the top favorite websites for users searching software for their desktops or mobile devices. We offer a unique collection of the top software available, applications and such for Windows and other operating systems. Our online catalogue has been analyzed, evaluated, reviewed and rated by a team of internal and external expert editors.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to help users discover and enjoy software in order to enhance their lives and find answers to their needs. To do so, we offer a vast catalogue of the top software available. All software in our data base are categorized, rated and reviewed based on a proprietary categorization system and ranked by our users as well as by a local team of expert editors.


Our Values:

Our strength lies in our values, which are based on credibility, tailor maid and localized answer/solution for each user, responsibility for the services we offer, drive to improve, and the fact that we seek the best interest of our users – our motto is: Users come first.


Users come first